Gutter Hook Set for Sandwich Panels

Zambelli has developed a gutter hook set for all common sandwich panels. This is made up of two components: a clamp and a gutter hook shaped to fit sandwich elements. Instead of complex makeshift solutions, this application-optimized assembly solution is quick and tasteful at the same time.

Advantages in Practice


  • available in sizes 333 and 400 for all popular sandwich panels
  • preset on side screwing on sandwich profile
  • applicable for roof pitches of 5° to 15°
  • no need of bending of the hooks
  • no need of reaming the sandwich profiles
  • applicable for centre thicknesses of 40 mm to 140 mm



The Gutter Hook Set

The Zambelli gutter hook set includes the clamp, the gutter hook, a seal and screws. It is applicable for sandwich profiles such as Kingspan KS1000 RW, BRUCHAPaneel® DP 82 – DP 182, Roma Typ D, FischerTherm, Joris Ide  and Metecno G4  and is available in galvanized material and galvanized-coated material. More trapeze geometries available on request.


  • clamp, incl. EPDM seal
  • sandwich gutter hook
  • screw pins for clamp
  • screw pins for gutter hook

Assembly & Use

Step 1

Set clamp and screw on in preset holes.

Step 2

Fix gutter hook professionally in front of the clamp (with/without slope) with the help of enclosed screws.

Step 3

Install gutter and bend springs.

You can find more information on installing the Zambelli gutter hook set for sandwich panels here.

Order now

To make it easier for you to order the gutter hook set for sandwich panels, you can download an order sheet here.



The gutter hook set for sandwich panels can only be bought from specialist retailers.


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