Zambelli Master System: nice, stable, long lasting!

Zambelli’s Master system convinces with maximum durability and a high corrosion protection. The innovation: Our complete range of accessories is manufactured out of the same base material whether strip galvanized steel or our new colour-coatings “robust”.

Our galvanized Master system makes everything simple:

  • Optically, due to an uniform and immaculate surface
  • Qualitatively, due to a stable and long-lasting new material.
  • Accurately, since everything is proportioned perfectly.
  • And in price, which is cheaper compared to other metals.
hot dip galvanized
strip galvanized

A visible difference!

Steel with a zinc-magnesium layer has proved its durable corrosion protection and maximum resistance in the sector of metal sheet work. A roof drainage system made out of steel with a zinc-magnesium layer absorbs high wind and snow loads. Furthermore, the length expansion is less compared to systems produced out of zinc, copper, etc.


Our Master system is now available in colour-coating “robust". The name keeps its promise. The innovative, structural and especially hard surface ensures that Zambelli’s roof drainage products are very scratchproof and colourfast. Moreover, the entire range of our Master system shows a uniform shade and gloss.

Our colour-coating “robust” convinces due to excellent figures:

  • Scratch resistance ≥ 30 N according to EN13523-12:2004
  • UV-resistance RUV 4 according to EN10169-2



Structure of colour-coating “robust”

① robust-top coat (approx. 20 μm) as polyester coating for a maximum scratch resistance
② primer (approx. 5 μm) for a perfect bonding and solid corrosion protection
③ zinc-magnesium layer at least 120 g/m2 for a durable corrosion protection
④ steel

Our Master system is available in:

steel strip galvanized
RAL 9002 grey white
Testa di Moro
RAL 7016 anthracite grey
RAL 7037 dust grey
RAL 8004 copper brown
RAL 9005 Jet black
RAL 9006 white aluminium