Roof drainage service for architects and planners

Your building owners expect a well-conceived and coherent planning for an individual building. In this regard, budget and schedule are of central importance more and more often.

Zambelli drainage products help you fulfil these requirements:

  • Consistent brand quality „Made in Germany“; quality management certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • Long product lifespan because Zambelli products are made from high-grade and strictly tested materials; usage of TECU®-copper and VM-ZINC®
  • Ideal drainage capacity and compliance with applicable standards and guidelines
  • Sustainable production and careful use of resources because all non-ferrous and light metals have a high recycling rate; environmental management certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001, Awarded the Bavarian state medal for environmental protection in 2004
Elbow "Vario"
Rainwater pipe flap
Sliding Collar

Design & Planning – Perfecting details

Ingenuity and shapeliness are the attributes that make Zambelli roof drainage so valuable as an architectural component.

  • With 3,500 products, Zambelli offers the largest and most diverse roof drainage product range all over Europe.
  • Zambelli offers the appropriate material for every building style.
  • A great number of product variants helps accentuate the building: for example, quarter ball stop end instead of stop end, hinged outlets and inclined outlets.
  • We offer architects and planners support through prefab modules for tender texts and technical information.