Roof drainage service for building owners

"Only under the roof a storm can be enjoyed." - Alejandro Del Valle

Protect your building from damages by water!

Who does not like to make oneself comfortable in the dry house when the rain pelts against the windows outside? But in order to be surrounded by dry walls after a hefty thunderstorm, a completely functional roof drainage system is of the essence.

Roof drainage systems are tasked with the collection and controlled deflection of rainwater dripping from the roof area. In this way, moisture penetration of exterior and basement walls is prevented.

A roof drainage system consists of roof gutters and connected down pipes that feed the rainwater into the public drainage network, a rainwater utilisation system or into a trough-trench system.

Zambelli offers building owners reasonably priced brand quality:

  • Consistent brand quality „Made in Germany“
  • Long product lifespan because Zambelli products are made from high-grade and strictly tested materials; Usage of TECU®-copper and VM-ZINC®
  • Ideal drainage capacity/rate and compliance with applicable standards and guidelines
  • Sustainable production and careful use of resources because all non-ferrous and light metals have a high recycling rate; environmental management certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001, Awarded the Bavarian state medal for environmental protection in 2004



Meet the expert first, then make a decision

A competent consultation, professional usage of materials and function elements and excellent processing quality are vital components of an outstanding roof drainage solution. Your trade partner will help you to structure and highlight the appearance of your house.

Are you looking for a trade partner that properly plans and assembles your roof drainage system? We would gladly refer you to our specialised companies near you! Contact us.