Tradition in craftsmanship

We use the expertise, which we have acquired over decades on a daily basis – to make our products just a bit better. Our technical experience in metalworking forms the centrepiece of our undertakings. Advanced manufacturing techniques and courage to innovate create a powerful accessory range.

Zambelli offers craftspeople reasonably priced brand quality

  • Simple assembly because exact dimensional stability of diameter and degree value is guaranteed by patented manufacturing processes.
  • Quick assembly made possible by innovative product alternatives with plug-in and clamping connections, awarded the East Bavarian Technology Transfer Award in 1999.
  • High functionality owing to ideal drainage rate and compliance with applicable standards and guidelines.

100% easy to assemble

Quick to assemble, easy to process and reliable in operation. Zambelli has been working on these specific requirements for years. For that reason, please note that we also have a selection of roof drainage products, which spare you the need for time-consuming and complex riveting and soldering.


Nifty plug-in and clamp connections facilitate your work.

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Zambelli products allow you to offer high-quality branded products. Draw your customer's attention to that advantage!

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