Assembly instructions

Here you can find assembly manuals for some of our roof drainage products. More assembly manuals are available as PDF files in the "Downloads" section.

Assembly information for Gutter Stark® gutter protection (leaf filter)

Position 1

Attach the support under the Gutter Stark by putting the three pegs into the first row of holes.

Position 2

Then fix the support by clipping it into the groove at the rear side. Use four supports for every two meters.

Position 3

Place the Gutter Stark on the gutter with the plastic strip facing the building. Make sure the back of the Gutter Stark is slightly lower than the front.

Position 4

Overlap the Gutter Stark elements for approx. 25 mm.Attach the Gutter Stark with the clips every 50 cm at the bead of the gutter.Finally, screw the elements together.

Adjustment of height

The height of the support can be adjusted by moving the three support pegs from one row of holes to the next.

1st row of holes
3rd row of holes
5th row of holes
Here you can find an installation video:
Installation instructions gutter connector

Gutter connector with fixing lock for gutters according to DIN 18461.

Position 1

Attach rubber sealing with a small protrusion on the front side.

Position 2

Position 3

Connect the two gutters firmly by pushing-in the bead connector.Control both gutters regarding their proper shape and correct if necessary. The gutters have to be installed at a distance of 5 mm in order to ensure sufficient dilatation.

Position 4

Mount the gutter connector on the rear side of the gutter first and pull it to the front.

Position 5

Bend up the fixing lock. Put the bead bracket over the bead and snap it in. Bend the fixing lock down. If the snap effect is missing, please control the gutter shape again and correct if necessary.

Installation instructions stop end

Stop end for simple push-on installation

Position 1

Please insert the rubber sealing 
with the three lips towards the gutter.

Position 2

Installation instructions sliding collar with leaf basket

Suitable for installation in downpipes, drivepipes and KG plastic-pipes.

Open the pipe for approx. 185 mm. Cut out this length to add on this element.

Then insert the leaf basket in the lower pipe and the sliding collar over the upper pipe. You might have to open the downpipe bracket. The sliding collar opens and closes a section of the downpipe. You can easily take out the leaf basket for cleaning.

During periods of freezing temperature please remove the leaf basket.