Wind, Weather, Snow, Oh no?

Gutter and Co. are always at the forefront of the fight against debris accumulation in your gutters. Zambelli has many solutions to offer, which ensure continued efficient rainwater management helping to make your life that bit easier.

Gutter Sieve

Small, but effective: The gutter sieve protects the gutters from clogging from accumulated leaves and debris. It is attached as shown in the gutter. In winter it has to be removed.

Protective Leaf Guard Basket for the downpipe

Placing the leaf guard basket in the outlet mouth at the top of the downpipe means you can help keep the downpipe clear of debris while you remain safely on the ground! Any leaves and debris that collect around the removable stainless steel leaf guard basket can be dislodged and disguarded with ease.

Let the professional do the hard work!

Many local companies offer gutter maintenance and cleaning services, so you do not have to climb to the dizzy heights of your roofline yourself. In addition, the professional already has all the best equipment, they will spot any areas requiring repairs immediately, and being well practiced, they are usually much faster.


Gutter Cleaning 2.0

Alternatively, gutter cleaning 'robots' exist. These can be driven independently through the gutters where their rotor blades and brushes dislodge coarse dirt and debris from the insides of the guttering and downpipes. This modern alternative to jet-lance, or 'elbow grease' with brush and cloth costs around 300 euros.

Gutter Stark®: The triple solution

If you want to considerably reduce your maintenance work, the gutter protection offered the Gutter Stark® Leaf Guard is a smart investment.The Gutter Stark® Leaf Guard keeps leaves and debris from collecting in the gutter all year round, without interfering with efficient water drainage. It also reduces the risk of any potential accident or injury as you do not have to climb ladders to clean or de-ice the guttering.
Our premium gutter protection is perfectly adapted for all standard gutter sizes and can always be installed afterward. Ask your specialist tradesman and 'be prepared' for the future!

Reaching the highest standards: Drivepipe

Where the downpipe is exposed on an outside wall, an experienced tradesman will usually recommend adding a Access Pipe into the downpipe. Because it is made with a thicker, stronger material than the standard downpipe it is able to withstand any possibly increased water pressure, which can occur in the event of a water backflow from the drains. The 'flap', that can be opened manually, makes it easy to remove any debris clogging the downpipe. If your rainwater system also runs along an often-frequented, high traffic route, it may be a good idea to extend the thicker pipe area up to shoulder height.

Extra Chimney Protection: Chimney hood

The chimney hood protects the chimney from the extremes of the weather, both rain and snow in particular. This elegant hood makes an attractive feature of the chimney - on every roof and every type of building, old or new.

Good advice from an expert

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