Maxithek adapts to every room without compromise

Maxithek uses every corner and every recess, adapts to slopes and crude surfaces, can be stacked and even driven. For that purpose, two variants are at your disposal: the open 4-post-shelf or the fully wall-based variant with closed side panels.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Stable 4-post-construction or fully wall-based variant with closed side panels
  • Individual colour choice through galvanised or powder-coated surfaces
  • Highly adaptable to local conditions
  • Can be deployed one-sided or double-sided
  • Stationary or moveable as compact shelving system (can be retrofitted as well!)
  • Shelves can be adjusted in 20 mm increments without the need for tools
  • Shelf capacity: 100 kg (reinforcements make higher loads per shelf possible); shelving bay: 800 kg
  • Varied furnishing and accessory program

Maxithek is the best solution for a quickly deployable steel shelf, if your goods have to be accessible from both sides at all times, if many people have to access it at the same time or if small amounts have to be taken out of your main storage.