Simply create space

The space-winning principle

You can quickly and easily

  • create up to 230% more storage space
  • create 50% more room area

with the Zambelli sliding shelving technique.



You can improve your opportunities to design rooms intelligently:

  • Space for additional office areas, e.g. meeting and presentation rooms
  • Increasing the number of workplaces subject to the occupational safety and health regulations
  • Enhanced comfort through more freedom of movement
  • More discretion through controlled access areas, e.g. for confidential documents
  • Improved space effect and new design possibilities by concealing storage goods

The costs and effort are manageable as:

  • the Zambelli system can be installed in all rooms,
  • it is suitable for all shelving systems and furnishing styles and
  • intelligent management can reduce the room operating costs as well.

Your advantages at a glance

  • optimized use of space: more space, e.g. for more workplaces
  • only one operation
  • quick access
  • no expensive construction costs, installation on every flooring
  • installation and dismantling possible at any time and without any complication (for example, when moving)
  • modular design which is expandable and removable
  • versatile design options: e.g. with individual imprinting or powder coating in corporate design or wood, glass, acoustics etc.

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