Inspection of shelving systems

Storage facilities / shelves are work appliances and are subject to the Industrial Safety Regulation. Conscientious and careful working does not exclude any damages on the shelves. This could result in safety deficiencies and weak performance. The operator is obliged to let all work appliances annually be inspected by a qualified person.


Our services

Therefore, we have extended our services by offering annual inspection on our shelving systems. Our own, certified by TÜV Rheinland, shelf inspectors have the required expertise to conduct expert inspections. Visual controls are made in order to prove if protective measures and loading were carried out according to our instructions, as well as shelving components were installed properly. Finally, they record all detected deficiencies in a special inspection certificate, according to its category of damage.


Do not call us – we will get in touch with you!

Full service at Zambelli means that we keep an eye on the prescribed service intervals. If the inspection of shelves is due, according to DIN EN 15635, our service will call you and make an appointment at the date you desire.


You are always in safe hands

The early identification of damages may prevent from serious accidents, costs for repairs can be kept at a low level and preventative measures can be taken. The standard EN 15635 “Application and maintenance of work appliances” was published on 1st August 2009. In conjunction with the Industrial Safety Regulation, the DIN EN 15635 rules the scope and operation of work appliances controls. The warehouse operator is responsible for the safe operation of his working equipment, his staff and product integrity. Verification is carried out in accordance with the “Statutory Accident Insurance Association 108-007” (former BGR 234).

For further information please refer to our leaflet.