The three RIB-ROOF Principles


Consistently towards the target set

The unique feature of RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems is the way they are installed.

It gives you unbeatable advantages in planning, project processing and its roof function. Your possibilities increase – in design and calculative.

The RIB-ROOF installation technology is based on technical features: The three RIB-ROOF principles. Our metal roofing systems differ in appearance, though our RIB-ROOF principles can uncompromisingly be realized in all our different systems.

Move forward. Without detours. With just a few steps.

This guiding idea characterises the RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems. From this, the assembly technology of the innovative sliding seam connection with the system's own sliding clip was developed, which enables a smooth and quick installation of profiled sheets.


You can use the advantages of the RIB-ROOF principles without any restrictions. Because RIB-ROOF metal roofs offer you a variety of possibilities in architecture and also in materials.


Further details about the RIB-ROOF principles can be found in the brochure "The RIB-ROOF Principle", which is also available for download.