#2 installation efficiency


The installation technology of all metal roofing systems has been optimized in such a way that the roof covering can thus be realized quickly and with little effort.

The direct profiled sheet - clip installation of all systems provides for a smooth and fluent installation process. No mechanically zipping is necessary due to the profiled sheet connection with the RIB-ROOF seam.

Direct profiled sheet clip installation

… dispenses with the complex determination of the correct clip position before installing the profiled sheets. The construction width of the profiled sheet determines the next row of clips. At first, the clip is swivelled into the profiled sheet, then the clip is screwed with the substructure.

Advantages of the direct profiled sheet clip installation:

  • Significant saving in terms of time
    The process regarding the pre-measuring and positioning of all retaining clips is omitted.
  • No tolerance errors
    If the profiled sheets are correctly installed, later appearing weak points, caused by false positioning of clips, can be avoided.
  • Long-term functional reliability
    All clips are parallel mounted to the profiled sheet. The roof skin can stretch free from tension and, in return, shrink.



The RIB-ROOF sliding standing seam

The RIB-ROOF profiled sheet connection uses the principle of a positive locking. The positive locking arises out of interlocking of adjacent profiled sheet seams. The next profiled sheet is swivelled in and is clicked into the clip. Therefore, no mechanically zipping of the profiled sheet seam is necessary anymore.

Advantages of RIB-ROOF sliding seam:

  • Secure profiled sheet connection
    The positive connection cannot be released under high stress.
  • Optimal sliding ability
    No screwing of the profiled sheets is necessary due to the connection of the RIB-ROOF clips. There will arise no compressive and upsetting forces which could damage the material.
  • High diffusivity
    The profiled sheet connection by means of a positive locking allows for a better water vapour permeability as profiled sheet zipping.



Convince yourself with the help of this video of the simple and time-saving installation technique of RIB-ROOF metal roofs: