RIB-ROOF METAL ROOFING SYSTEMS provide your room for ideas

Metal is from an architectural point of view a particular convertible building material. Please contact us - we are happy to accompany you when planning your metal roof. We support you with specifications, cost estimates or the recommendation of RIB-ROOF specialized contractors. In addition you can get a comprehensive range of services for your project-related planning.

RIB-ROOF- tender specifications

Our specifications are available also for individual downloads via 'drag and drop' available (selected texts). You can then export the data by using the button "Export".

Take advantage of our modular project support.


Individual roof forms and layouts

With our two systems RIB-ROOF Speed ​​500 and RIB-ROOF 465, there are various shapes and options of profiled sheets available. With RIB-ROOF all lengths of profiled sheets are possible to produce, without transverse joints and overlapping of profiled sheets. Furthermore, RIB-ROOF is ideal for flat roof from 1.5 ° roof pitch as well as for the facade.


Creative design

A wide range of materials, colour and surface selection is available in the RIB-ROOF standard program. You are therefore optimal equipped for every application, every style and you can offer your clients various alternatives.


A safe system solution

The heart of the innovative RIB-ROOF installation technique is the sliding standing seam connection with its own sliding clip system. Therefore a RIB-ROOF roof has a lower thermal bridge effect and a better dilatation capability, without risking of the waterproofing or the walkability.


Globally active

Moving forward means overcoming barriers. Our mobile rollforming machines are making this possible.