Modular project support

Our comprehensive range of services is based on our roots as a skilled trade business when we started in 1957 as a plumbing and roofing company. From our large scale projects, our engineers and skilled experts know exactly what is important. We work together with you on the planning and successful installation of customised RIB-ROOF metal roofing.

Project preparation phase

Our team will support you with the following services already during the preliminary phase of a project:

  • Preparation of detailed solution proposals
  • Support in detailed CAD planning
  • Preparation of individual specifications
  • Development of special solutions, specifications and construction of sample roof structures
  • Statics and physical construction advice
  • Preparation of cost estimations and support for calculation themes
  • Proposals for a perfect scheduling of the project

Construction Coordination, Site Supervision and Installation Support

Planning and carrying out complex projects and international construction always presents huge challenges. Our roof experts give their support to building owners, planners and construction companies, depending on the
needs of each particular situation, in the following ways:

Construction planning and coordination

  • Setting up roofing plans and details as well as developing customised solutions
  • Ascertaining necessary materials, setting up a time schedule, quantity lists
  • Project management (human resources, costs and construction schedule monitoring)

Installation Support

  • Carrying out training for installation
  • Supervision of construction and quality assurance on-site
  • Logistcal support (e.g. creating a just-in-time-supply plan)
  • Provision of special spreader beam equipment to lift profiled sheets up to 80 m total length
  • Carrying-out alu-welding for roof penetration
  • Installation of fall arrest systems

Staff Support of Installation

Roofing contractors can profit in two ways:

  • Knowledge transfer through experienced specialists
  • On schedule project development

Calculation hotline +49 (9931) 89590-54

Some issues can not wait. Especially when it is about the receipt of an offer promptly. Therefore our consult for calculations will gladly be at your disposal via telephone. So do not hesitate to contact us at any time.