RIB-ROOF Evolution - convincing in design and function

RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems stand for high functionality and safety. Our products save time, costs and problems as we emphasize handling and use. RIB-ROOF Evolution follows these basic ideas, gaining experience and developing further designs. By focusing on our principles, we have developed a design which satisfies both visually and functionally. The slim and round-shaped profiled sheet seam makes RIB-ROOF Evolution creative and interesting.


Simplicity is our challenge – Evolution the result!

Of course, RIB-ROOF Evolution offers Zambelli’s simple and time-saving installation technique. A safe roof cover is guaranteed in the long term by a excellent sliding ability and stable profiled sheet connection. RIB-ROOF Evolution proves that a sophisticated technique does not have to be complicated but also can be good-looking.

RIB-ROOF Evolution offers following advantages:

  • slimmer, round-shaped profiled sheet seam (profile height 67 mm)
  • offering design options both in roof appearance and material choices
  • standard panel width: 500 mm
  • suitable for all roof built-ups and substructures
  • installation possible for roof pitches up from 1.5°
  • diverse shapes of profiled sheets up to 33 m, rollforming at site also possible
  • stable profiled sheet connection without any zipping or crimping
  • no time consuming traditional halter lay out required
  • excellent sliding ability by our innovative directional clip
  • simple and time-saving installation: position of clip is determined by the profiled sheet, place clips, swivel profiled sheet and lock-into-place
  • installation without transversal joint

Profiled Sheets

Standard width = 500 mm; other widths are possible like 333, 400 and 600 mm