Photovoltaic and Solar Modules

Mounting photovoltaic and solar modules onto a rooftop increases value in a sustainable manner. Whether it is a new building, roof renovation or upgrading an older structure, RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems allow you to choose from a wide variety of possibilities. Elevated or modules that are parallel to the roof, UniSolar film laminate is directly installed on the roof surface or mounted on plates. The solar-laminated option blends in decently and is ideal for curved and rounded roof forms. We would be happy to show you how to get the most out of your roof.

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PV-modules parallel to the roof
PV-modules elevated
Building integrated PV with solar laminate

Please have a look at our our Practical Guide for further details.

Original solar-modules with integrated mounting angles

The irregular financial support program changes in the course of the Renewable Energies Act (EEG) make the solar market feel unsure.
Therefore it is good that with the original Zambelli solar support brackets you have a lasting reliability regarding guarantees, technical function with dimensional accuracy and permanent roof conductivity, optics and statics with the estimated capture-forces.
As further development now we can offer you an improved economic solar support bracket with a length of 80 mm!


For the right classification to the metal roof system RIB-ROOF Evolution, 465 or Speed 500 (in doubt please send pictures) our new installation manuals are available with all relevant technical advices.

Assembly instructions: solar-modules RIB-ROOF Evolution

Assembly instructions: solar-modules RIB-ROOF 465

Assembly instructions: solar-modules RIB-ROOF Speed 500

Besides you can download the type statics for RIB-ROOF 465 or Speed 500, only guilty for roof parallel installation, for determining of the maximal distances of the solar support brackets for consideration at statics for the overall roof by a structural engineer.

Caution: elevated PV-modules have to be calculated by your structural engineer at any case!

Table of solar-modules RIB-ROOF Evolution steel and aluminum

Table of solar-modules RIB-ROOF Speed 500 aluminum

Table of solar-modules RIB-ROOF Speed 500 steel

Table of solar-modules RIB-ROOF 465 steel and aluminum

Newly presented: solar pipe + RIB-ROOF brackets: simple, quick and safe

From now on, we offer our newly developed complete RIB-ROOF solar system, consisting of a multifunctional solar pipe combined with proved brackets, and involving the following advantages:

  • perfectly designed and proved system
  • simple and quick installation
  • high degree of prefabrication possible
  • flexibly, also for additional facade solutions
  • possibility of both-side-fixing for slot nuts and hammer-head screws


You can find general information about photovoltaic on RIB-ROOF here.


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Snow guard raising elements

For photovoltaic and solar systems, we generally recommend using our snow guard raising elements for stable elevation of the snow guard systems.