Different roof build-ups for RIB-ROOF metal roofs

The load-bearing or underconstructions for the RIB-ROOF profiled sheets can be done as follows:

  • As one-sheet roof build-ups with thermal insulation layer, the so-called, warm roof
  • As one-sheet roof build-ups without thermal insulation layer
  • As double-sheet roof construction constructions with rear ventilation, the so-called cold roof.

Basically at RIB-ROOF all usual under-structures are possible as roof build-ups:

  • Trapezoidal sheets
  • Wood purlins
  • Wooden panelling t = 24.0 mm at least
  • Steel purlins
  • Aerated concrete or reinforced concrete.

All roof build-ups are as model in the Practical Guide in an illustrate format.

Steel trapezoidal sheets represent one of the most frequently used support constructions. RIB-ROOF Speed 500 may alternatively be mounted on full surface support. An option besides the wooden panelling represent the rigid insulation boards.

Please note the Energy reduction measures

When planning a metal roof and the required under-construction, the provisions of the Energy reduction measures should be noted. For this reason, we tested the thermal bridge effect of different roof structures by the Research Institute for Thermal Insulation Munich (FIW)“ Forschungsinstitut für Wärmeschutz e.V.“. RIB-ROOF achieve roof structures without consuming additional measures such as thermal clips optimum U-values.

You will find the results of the FIW-investigation under the heading EnEV.