General System Authorisation for fall arrest system


The German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) in Berlin has just granted the General System Authorisation approved by Construction Authorities for the fall arrest systems to be installed on RIB-ROOF Speed 500 and RIB-ROOF Evolution metal roofs. The Authorisation for RIB-ROOF 465 shall follow shortly. This means that the application of the fall arrest systems LUX-top GBD-Z500, LUX-top FALZ-PLUS-Evolution and LUX-top FALZ-PLUS Evolution P is proved according to the state building regulations (LBO). The Authorisation bears the number Z-14.9—802. Zambelli metal roofing systems thus completes its existing product range of sliding standing seam roofs by fall arrest systems approved by Construction Authorities in Germany.


Simple to install and non-penetrative

Fall arrest systems designed by Zambelli can simply be installed and are non-penetrative. They consist of high-quality materials (aluminium and stainless steel), comply with the highest safety standards and are manufactured to the highest quality standards. The independently tested fall arrest system components are especially adjusted for a non-penetrative installation onto our RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems Speed 500 and Evolution out of all materials and thicknesses, incl. all fixing components. The systems have been developed in close cooperation with the experienced and competent manufacturer for fall arrest systems, ST QUADRAT Fall Protection.


Single anchor point and fall arrest sytems

The product line consists of anchor points for personal safety systems for works which need to be carried out in high altitudes, as well as for any rope-supported works on existing technical plants, e.g. on roof built-ups, vents, heat exhaust ventilator systems (RWA), solar modules or on green roofs.

Latter is directly distributed by Zambelli in combination with the RIB-ROOF metal roof – incl. appropriate construction planning and calculation. All materials will directly be delivered to the customer’s construction site and, upon request, could even be combined with a professional installation. Another advantage is gained through an extensive technical support for the installer and, on request, an installation training could be offered as well.

LUX-top system components provide for an ideal usability, high technical standard, as well as a strong quality. The Authorisation is valid for the next five years, this means until December 2022, in the first instance. Planners, who would like to solve their construction tasks by means of Zambelli metal roofing systems, are on the safe side. They can now plan and build more creatively. Moreover, such fall arrest systems guarantee a top quality and are both aesthetic and functional. Interested customers can obtain the Authorisation certificate in the RIB-ROOF download area.