Gutter with installation aid

New installation aid for gutters of the master system



The new useful installation aid for the gutter of the master system which the operator is used to already by the trusted master corner, means an extensive simplification for the fabricators when installing. She is made out of an approx. 1.5 cm long notch on both gutter ends and guarantees an easy connection of gutter and gutter or gutter and corner as well as an easy introduction of the bead rod of the gutter connector into the gutter bead. Equipped with gutter beads optimized to DIN standards and equipped with the useful installation aid, from now on it is much easier to assemble the components. This means an enormous advantage in terms of time and effort when installing longer gutters as it does not require turning in of the beads anymore.

The Zambelli principle “Ich mach’s einfach” was once again the inspiration for this product optimization. It is about drainage components, designed with common traditional trade, which make daily work easier as a production-ready element.

Helpful assembly tips for the craftsman are available as demonstration videos on or on YouTube. In this context, the installation instructions for the Zambelli master corner and the one for the Zambelli corner with gutter connector are recommended.