The Thermo-Z spacer profile - Innovations in the field of RIB-ROOF

The new Thermo-Z spacer profile: Several rows of slotted holes in staggered arrangement ensure the best U-values without the usual thermal separation strips between roof cladding and supporting structure (photo: Zambelli GmbH & Co. KG)



When building or renovating a warm roof, certain energy standards have to be observed nowadays. Planers need to find out the proper relation between legally required U-values and roof construction costs. For this case, we have developed the innovative Thermo-Z spacer profile for substructures, which ensures a reduced thermal bridge effect and best U-values due to its special slotted perforation. The metallic, single-layer alternative to wood offers advantages for the statics, as the profile achieves a low weight of the overall structure.


The installation of the profile is imaginable simple due to the preset drill holes and the butt connectors supplied, in accordance to our motto "Mach’s einfach" (engl.: do it simply).


Thermo-Z spacer profiles are used to reduce thermal bridges, mainly for warm roof structures on support shell structures consisting of trapezoidal sheets or wooden formwork. They can also be used as a spacer construction for ventilated roof structures with a free ventilation cross section.


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