End of assembly operation

In future, Zambelli RIB-ROOF will not carry out own assembly work anymore but will extend their service performances.



Taking the future into own hands – up to now, the Zambelli brothers’ philosophy is the foundation of the Zambelli RIB-ROOF GmbH. True to this motto, our company, which started its activities as a specialist in all work around metal roof and façade in 1957, complements its strategic transformation into a pure system supplier. In the future, we will focus on our core competence: the production and the marketing of building envelopes together with the related services. Thereby, we put the focus on intensive cooperation with architects, distributors and craft businesses in the area of RIB-ROOF. As a consequence, we terminate all own assembly work in the building envelope area until 1 July 2018.

With many years of experience as a metalworking company, our wide-ranging specialist knowledge in project handling and constant updating of know-how, Zambelli meets every requirement in the metal roof and façade sector. From the beginning as a small craft business to the producer of an industrial system solution in the segment of building envelope, the self-provided assembly services became less and less over time. Nowadays, our customers take advantage of our broad know-how and our years of experience.


Adjustment to the market situation

By focusing on service and consultation, we respond to changed market requirements and an increased demand. “In future, the company will concentrate on the core product RIB-ROOF as well as on increased services in the area of building envelopes and will further expand its consulting and product portfolio” says Thomas Lanzerstorfer, managing director of Zambelli RIB-ROOF GmbH. This includes inter alia services such as installation teachings, assembly trainings, 3D measurements on building sites and assembly briefing for more complex projects, such as green roofs.

The reorientation will only have insignificant effects on internal structures. “Manpower is increasingly added to customer services, we now have available significantly more resources for quotation processing, logistics and project monitoring both at our site in Stephansposching and at the construction sites of our customers.’ said Lanzerstorfer.