Fit for autumn

Gutter sieve, rainwater pipe flap, gutter connector, sliding collar and the premium leaf guard Gutter Stark® make your roof drainage system fit for autumn.



At the latest when days become shorter than nights or when leaves change their colour on the trees, we become aware that autumn arises. It can be quite uncomfortable outside at this time of the year. Now it is high time to adjust to rain, wind, clouds and storms and to check the functional reliability of the roof drainage. Finally roof drainage plays an important part in protecting the building envelope.


Maintenance and inspection

If the water runs off the edge of the gutter owing to a drainage blockade, there could be moisture at the exterior walls and the cellar walls or even mould appears in the apartments. Even dangerous icicles form in frost. The necessary cleaning work on gutters, outlets and/or downpipes usually is time-consuming and cost-intensive. Not in case our proven Zambelli roof drainage systems is used.

Concerning the repair of leaking areas or rather small repairs on the gutter we have a gutter connector in our range so that leaking areas on the water-bearing gutter can be sealed quickly and reliably.


  • Gutter connector for repair and new installation
    The gutter connector is perfect for small repair where the leakage has to be re-soldered.

  • Sliding Collar with Leaf Basket
    A sliding collar with leaf basket effectively prevents blockages of the downspouts or drivepipes

  • Rainwater pipe flap
    With a rainwater pipe flap, rainwater can be used economically and well-directed and rainwater barrels can be filled reliably and easily.

  • Gutter Stark® Leaf Guard
    We also create a durable remedy against leaves, snow and ice with our effective Gutter Stark® leaf guard. The weather-resistant perforated plate lying on the gutter absorbs all the rubbish.