Green roof for RIB-ROOF

RIB-ROOF Evolution with green roof construction in cross-section.


The trend towards roofs used as green areas remains unbroken as, on the one hand, costs for the rainwater can be saved and on the other hand roofs have to be greened due to construction and nature protection requirements. This development is followed by Zambelli with his new green roof.

The product idea resulted in a complete solution, designed for the entire useful life of the roof, suitable for the Zambelli RIB-ROOF Evolution and Speed 500 sliding standing seam profiles.

It consists of a drainage system with water storage, a non-woven separating layer, a growth mat made of binder-free stone wool and a precultivated vegetation layer. This green roof system has especially been designed for simple installation on flat roofs and flat roofs in residential and commercial construction. For this purpose, all green roof components have already been designed for the profile widths of the Zambelli RIB-ROOF metal roofing profiled sheets.

The special feature of this system is its low build-up height and the low surface weight in the saturated state.

The weight of the dry green roof construction is 15-20 kg / sqm in average. The fully saturated system is up to about 80 kg / sqm. Depending on the type of drainage system and the growth mat, the water storage capacity is up to 60 l / sqm.

Zambelli plans the complete green roof built-up, which is delivered ready for installation (including technical support) to the building site.

The roofs are immediately planted after installation and acceptance capable. With its complete solutions for green roofs, Zambelli RIB-ROOF goes the right path towards greater accountability for ecology and economy.