With Zambelli to the World Cup

Luschniki-Stadium in Moscow: The opening match and the World Cup final will take place under a RIB-ROOF roof.



RIB-ROOF standing seam profiles for modern Stadiums

Russia has its most important Stadium back for the Football World Cup. After 4 years of construction, the Luschniki-Stadium, named after the district in Moscow, located approx. 10 km southwest from the Kremlin at the river Moskwa, had been brought to new live. There the incumbent World Champion Germany would like to defend their title in the World Cup final 2018. The largest Russian Stadium, with seats for more than 81.000 spectators, belongs to the category 4 of UEFA Stadiums, the highest classification of the European football association.


Light metal elements offer infinite design possibilities

In the course of rebuilding and expansion, the old stands of the Stadium were removed. RIB-ROOF Speed 500 profiled sheets have been used for the new and modern roof covering. The supports of the transparent polycarbonate plates were covered with RIB-ROOF profiled sheets. The whole construction and execution planning for the approx. 12,000 sqm curved and inwards inclined roof area was carried out by Zambelli. The metal roof systems offer both excellent material characteristics and diverse possibilities in design, as well as constructional characteristics. The surface obtains visual interesting and lively structures by absorption of light. Therefore, light metal elements offer an inexhaustible design variety which enables to create a contemporary and timeless architecture in connection with the proven characteristics.

Besides the Russian Stadium, we have realized some further European Stadiums covered by means of RIB-ROOF standing seam profiles. Among others, the following projects convince both technically and aesthetically, e.g. the Belarusian Dinamo Stadium in Minsk, the Puskas Ferenc Stadium in Budapest, the Arena Lviv in Ukraine, the „Wörthersee“-Stadium in Klagenfurt or the WWK Arena in Augsburg.