The Zambelli Group

From the beginning, the goal was clear: „Ich mach's einfach!“ (engl. I simply do it!).

This slogan, coined by the company founders, is deeply anchored in the philosophy of the Zambelli Group. Over 1,000 employees do their utmost to combine the fascination for metal, its malleability, coating, processing and its diverse applications with even more practical benefits and economic efficiency. Today the name Zambelli stands for a successful group of companies with currently 7 subsidiaries in 4 European countries, which are still family-owned. “Step by Step” Zambelli developed from a sole supplier of roof waterproofing accessories to a recognized system supplier of complete metal roofing, roof drainage and shelving systems. The company is managed by Dipl. Business Economist (FH) Andreas von Langsdorff and Dr. Martin Dvořák. Both gentlemen are managing directors of the Zambelli-Holding. The shareholders are Marietta and Regina Zambelli Sopalu’ together with senior manager Ursula Zambelli Sopalu’.

The two shareholders Regina and Marietta Zambelli

Zambelli is committed to stablishing family friendliness in the long term. The economy will only remain attractive and therefore competitive for skilled workers in the future if a family-friedly climate is created. This is why Zambelli is a member of the Bavarian-wide initiative “Familienpakt Bayern”. The Zambelli Group is a constantly growing family business that offers its employees a large family with over 1,000 relatives. Zambelli is especially concerned about the compatibility of family and career.

Mission statements

Roof drainage, metal roof systems, shelving systems and industrial metal works make up the core competence of an over 60-year-old family business, which is now in its third generation, constantly developing and expanding the brilliant ideas of its visionary thought leader, true to the proven Zambelli principle “Ich mach's einfach!” (engl. I simply do it!).

Building Envelope

Zambelli is a system manufacturer of a traditionally introduced metal roof and facade system for national and international market with direct and indirect distribution channels.

The strengths lie in the competitiveness by standards and individual solutions with always competent technical consultation and project support. From the continuous demands of the market we draw our potential for constant development in technology and innovations and thus maintain our position as one of the most respected market leaders in Europe.


“With Zambelli we have a guarantor for quality, delivery and deadline adherence, as well as partnership. The support and cooperation brings us security in the preparation, as well as reliability in the implementation of our projects, always with the guarantee - simply covering function.”

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Roof Drainage

Zambelli is a full-range supplier of roof drainage systems in all common metals with a wide range of distribution channels and strong competitiveness at home and abroad through standards and tailor-made solutions. We are technically up to date.


“I can rely on my partner Zambelli 100 percent, since he thinks not only of his success, but also of mine. Zambelli’s employees simplify our work and support us masterfully.”

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Shelving Systems

Zambelli is a market-leading full-range supplier of furnishing and shelving systems for libraries, archives and museums. High product and service quality are the main focus. Standards and customer-oriented solutions ensure strong competitiveness at home and abroad.


"I am pleased to have a partner who responds specifically to my needs and premises, has a solution for everything and adapts it to my wishes. With intelligent technology, many years of experience, innovative forward thinking and a sophisticated product range Zambelli makes it easy for me to keep an overview and create tidiness and space.”

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Industrial Metal Works

Zambelli is an innovative, customer-oriented developer and manufacturer of various constructions, assemblies and finished products made of metal sheets and profiles. The synergies from the differentiated manufacturing processes of the manufacturing locations in Germany, the Czech Republic and Romania offer our customers the best competitiveness.



"I am pleased to have a partner who creates simple efficient solutions together with me and thereby contributes his whole know-how. Who grows with me and guarantees optimal price-performance through his innovative striving. In addition, he implements my ideas in an uncomplicated way and thus ensures the long-term success of our partnership.”

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Heating Systems

Zambelli is a customer-oriented manufacturer of water-based boilers, design fireplaces and fireplace inserts as well as of boiler linings and metal accessories. From the construction of the cladding parts to the delivery of individual assemblies and the production of complete heating and design fireplaces, Zambelli provides quality, competence and innovative spirit in three locations.


Our priority goal is being a competent, reliable partner for our customers.

Together with our customers, we want to optimize our products and processes to be able to guarantee a successful sustainable cooperation.


“We are looking forward to long-standing and fair business relations.”

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Zambelli is an efficient and innovative developer and manufacturer of supplier parts and whole system solutions for the caravan industry. With passion and family atmosphere we create a WE feeling and are therefore full of motivation; so´that the end customer can enjoy a vacation that is as relaxed and safe as possible.


“I am pleased about the cooperation with a competent consultant and supplier, who tackles the problems in a solution-oriented way and who has made it his business to always be one step ahead in innovation. Zambelli’s employees simplify our production and make our products safer and more customer-oriented.”

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