From craft enterprise to global player

Only few companies can look back on such a history of solid growth as Zambelli can. Our history shows how courage and creativeness drive our company forward.


Dials before refurbishment

In the year 1957, the brothers Franz and Carlo Zambelli Sopalù laid the foundation for our company. By doing that, they followed in their ancestors' philosophy of taking the future into their own hands as master craftspeople. The perfect implementation of that philosophy in our daily work and the passing on of said philosophy to the next generation are the foundation of Zambelli. To this very day, the constant conversion of new ideas and techniques into high-quality products and services are a fundamental element of our development.

Within decades, this two-man handicraft business developed into an international corporate group. Today, we employ 1000 employees in 5 European countries. In the year 2011, Zambelli received the "Bayerns Best 50" Award from the Bavarian Economic Minister as an acknowledgement of our company's performance.

Several international patents and utility models prove that the high standard, which we have set for ourselves, has not dwindled to this very day. We still see ourselves as visionaries from tradition that combine competence, quality and the spirit of innovation into their guiding principle. We are proud of the fact that Zambelli has retained the spirit of the family business that it once was. For we know that true teamwork is necessary to continually drive a company forward.